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Phone: +45 2074 3067
E-mail: info@talmo.dk

Technologies we apply

Talmo develops and advices about software for data analysis systems, i.e. systems that analyze input from the environment using various algorithms based on methods from statistical data analysis and signal processing. The primary focus is development of software-based systems performing analysis of multimedia data.

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Talmo is not tied to specific vendors or locked to certain technologies, but we keep our eyes open for new advances, so we can give you objective recommendations regarding your system or product.
Jakob Kirkegaard, Founder and Computer Vision Expert at Talmo

Application areas

Talmo offers customized solutions in the intersection between mathematics, statistics and software engineering. The technologies and methods used by Talmo are generic and carefully selected individually for the different application domains and business areas:

Measuring and control systems,
e.g. automatic analysis and control for forestry or farming applications.

Defense & surveillance,
e.g. for automatic detection of events in static and moving cameras, RADARs etc., on drones, planes or satellites.

Industrial Automation,
e.g. for automatic quality control based on 2D or 3D scanning of manufactured products.

Entertainment systems,
e.g. for augmentation of the experience in games or television based on analysis of the surroundings.

e.g. navigation based on input from cameras and handling based on 3D scanners.

Medical diagnostic systems,
e.g. image analysis for automatically detecting various conditions.

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