Phone: +45 2074 3067
E-mail: info@talmo.dk
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Phone: +45 2074 3067
E-mail: info@talmo.dk
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Software for analysis, control and visualization

Talmo develops robust and high performance software for computer vision, LIDAR, RADAR, and other sensor systems within defense, surveillance, entertainment systems, multimedia analysis, and industrial automation. Talmo has expert knowledge in computer vision and statistical data analysis and applies best practices in software engineering.

Deep learning detection and segmentation
Tracking and training system for Carom Billiard

About us

Talmo is a specialist in computer vision and related software solutions.

This includes everything from hardware interface, data analysis, system integration, and user interface.

How we workHOW WE WORK


Talmo develops and advices about software for data analysis systems, i.e. systems that analyze input from the  environment using various algorithms based on methods from statistical data analysis and signal processing.

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If you need help developing a system from scratch, are stuck with a problem in an existing system, or need an advice do not hesitate, contact us here.