Talmo develops software for computer vision systems based on the latest machine learning techniques and software engineering best practices.

The primary offering of Talmo is the combination of theoretical insights from computer vision and machine learning with the capability and experience of developing robust, fast, testable and maintainable software.
Photo of Jakob Kirkegaard
JAKOB KIRKEGAARD, Founder and Computer Vision Specialist at Talmo

Application areas

Talmo offers customized solutions in the intersection between machine learning and software engineering. The technologies and methods used by Talmo are generic and selected individually for the different application domains and business areas:

Forestry and Agriculture

e.g. for metric measurements of produced goods or automation of the harvesting processes.

Defense and surveillance

e.g. for automatic detection of events in static and moving cameras, RADARs or LIDARs on drones, planes or satellites.

Industrial Automation

e.g. for automatic quality control based on 2D or 3D scanning of manufactured products.


e.g. for detailed live analysis of events in various sports or replay augmentation of the experience in televised sports events.


e.g. navigation based on input from cameras and handling based on 3D scanners for online map building.


e.g. for enhancing the experience in games or other events using augmented reality technologies.

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