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Natural Resources Extraction

For the forestry industry, Talmo has developed a complete software solution for assisting users in documenting log counts, volume and density of wood stacks before further handling.

Based on automatic image analysis methods, the software system handles a large part of the more than 500.000 cubic meters of wood mass produced by this customer each year.


Industrial Computer Vision

Whether you want to perform visual quality control of finished products in manufacturing, growth analysis of crops in agriculture, or sorting of vegetables in green house production, Talmo software will fit your needs.

Talmo has great experience in applying state-of-the-art vision algorithms to inspection and automation problems on the factory floor with special focus on robustness and testability of the solution.

As an example, Talmo has developed software for sorting of orchids in a horticulture environment.

The task included height measurements, counting flower crowns, flower buds, and determining number of branches.


Sports & Entertainment

Talmo has supplied computer vision solutions to different sports and one of the largest toy manufacturers in the world. A good example can be seen in the video.

Together with carom billiard champion Tonny Carlsen an advanced ball tracking and training system has been developed by Talmo.

Based on an industrial vision camera mounted above the billiard table, the developed application assists players through an intuitive cross-platform user interface. The player receives immediate feedback on the chosen trajectory and different training modes enable use by both beginners and pros.

The video analysis operates at 60 fps for detecting and tracking objects (cue and balls) in real-time. Talmo has optimized the cross-platform software for running on entry-level hardware.


Surveillance & Security

With many software deliveries within surveillance and security Talmo has good experience for high-security customers, e.g. in the defense industry.

Talmo software is able to perform data analysis on large data series based on different sensor types like GPS, RGB cameras and synthetic aperture RADARs.

Talmo has e.g. worked with large area surveillance and provided software for testing different pattern recognition and object tracking algorithms based on various sensor modalities.

Common for all the projects have been the requirement for combining software engineering best practices for large-scale data processing with detailed knowledge of the actual analysis methods employed.


Robotics & Navigation

Talmo has delivered solutions with stereo vision sensors where a structure needs to be measured. At the same time the environment is partly unknown.

The Talmo algorithms apply methods known as simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM). These algorithms can be applied within robotics, in GPS denied environments, and measurements on large and advanced objects.

Talmo has worked with many different solutions requiring a combination of knowledge from photogrammetry, geographic information systems (GIS), 3D modelling and advanced software engineering.

Based on the created innovative solutions in e.g. map stitching, 3D reconstruction of structures and detection of objects in aerial images, Talmo can advice on the best approach without breaking the bank on high-end hardware.



Food Processing & Manufacturing Quality

Within the food industry, Talmo has worked with a world-leading supplier of meat processing equipment to include computer vision and camera technology for sorting and quality purposes.

The solution ensured high quality and best possible yield of the meat being processed.

Talmo is working across different computer vision development platforms and has experience with most industrial computer vision development tools.